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Set in the beautiful village of Long Wittenham, in the heart of rural Oxfordshire, the Long Wittenham Yoga Centre offers high class yoga instruction in a fully equipped studio with a certified Intermediate Iyengar yoga teacher, Evelyn Crosskey.

The benefits of practicing yoga include improved mental and physical well being, better posture, more energy, flexibility and relaxation.

Practising yoga helps you overcome stresses and strains, aches and pains and promotes a firm foundation of health and well-being. Yoga practice both relaxes and energizes.

The main studio is a perfect place to practice yoga.

"A calm and peaceful place" BKS Iyengar




"It was a wonderful class and even after 20+ years of yoga, some of the detail you brought to the poses was new and enlightening"

"A line to warmly thank you again for giving such a well planned class which certainly for me extended my understanding and opened up new ways of approaching a pose.  Oh, and something you’ve spoken of,  but I’ve never markedly felt before was the sense of wellbeing the following day. "  


"Evelyn, you have such a calm and pleasant approach but you encourage and extend your students at the same time. Wonderful!"   


"Thank you so much for the great yoga session today. My body feels 100 tons lighter!!!!! It was first class." 


"Words cannot convey the value of yoga -

it has to be experienced." BKS Iyengar

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