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Visitor Information


The Long Wittenham Yoga Centre is located in the gardens of 25 High Street, Long Wittenham, OX14 4QH  

There is plenty of parking at the pub next door, thanks to the kindly landlord.  This is the best option as the entrance to the studio is very narrow.  


If you or anyone from your household are suffering from any COVID-19 symptoms then you must not come to class. 

If you are suffering from any minor ailment (a headache etc.) or if you are menstruating or pregnant, please inform the teacher before starting the class so they can advise you accordingly.


It is essential that the following medical conditions be reported to the teacher beforehand:
Heart disease or any heart problem, epilepsy including Petit Mal, cancer or benign tumours, diabetes, Meniere's disease, detached retina, AIDS, MS (multiple sclerosis) or any recent operation. 
All information will be treated with the strictest of confidence and is only required to ensure your safety.


Please bring your own equipment 


Please come ready to practice as changing facilities are limited.   Wear clothes that do not restrict your movement in any way. Most people wear shorts or leggings and a T-shirt. Yoga is practised in bare feet.



It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach. If at all possible leave 3-4 hours after eating a main meal or 2 hours after a light snack.

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